Watermarking text or images on top of your video (advanced)

Watermarking is a method to place text or images on top of your video for security or to provide additional information. 

Watermarking text or images on top of your video

  1. Edit the video you wish to watermark by clicking the edit button in the main Videos screen.
  2. Choose Settings -> Security Options

  3. In the Security Options page, you will see the Watermarking field at the bottom of the page. 

Two methods for watermarking

Textby clicking the "Text" radio button you can add in a single line of watermarking code and press Save. See Syntax for watermarking script markup below.

URLfor more complex watermarking that can change at different points of the video, click the "URL" radio button and input a hyperlink to a watermarking .def script markup file. 

ex. http://video.clipstream.com/content/d/destiny/g2/csdemos/surveydemo/watermark.def

Syntax for watermarking script markup

Both methods require knowledge of the watermarking .def script markup. A demo .def file contains a commented script for this. Download and view it. 

Download this sample def


The example below displays a simple text message ("This is watermarking text") that begins at 0 milliseconds and will repeat at 40,000 milliseconds (40 seconds).  It is encapsulated in a css div (pos1) that a web designer can define in the page. Using CSS you can then make the text message adopt a variety of styles (size, color, positioning). 

ON:    0/40000, msg, <div class='pos1'>This is watermarking text</div>

Watermarking with dynamic text
Using CSS you can insert dynamic text where the value is defined by a variable on your page, for example with a user ID. In the .def script, instead of static text you can use a declared variable that exists on your page.

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