Making a video private / public

Making a video private will make any instance of your video embedded in external sites unplayable until you make it public again. Choose this method if you want to keep your video but want to temporarily make it unplayable. 

Note: By default all newly uploaded videos are assumed to be Public unless made private.

Making a video public

  1. After signing into your Clipstream account, locate the video you wish to make private or public. 
  2. Click the Settings button

  3. Go to Settings -> Share

  4. Click the Make it Public button.

    Two new fields now appear at the bottom of the page that contain embed code and a hosted link.

    Now you can copy and paste either the embed code or the share link externally. 

NOTE: If you are making videos after choosing a plan, please allow up to a minute before the Make It Public buttons can be activated. Refresh the page if there is a longer delay. 

To make a video Private

  1. After you made the video Public, the "Make it Public" button changed into the Make it Private button. 
  2. Click the Make it Private button.

  3. All the share fields will disappear.

    Your video will now not be playable externally. Any instances of the video that you hosted elsewhere will now not be streaming.

    Note: If you are testing, note that you have to refresh the page the video was embedded in to see this take effect. The change may take a few minutes to take effect. 

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