Locking your video to play back only on selected domains

You can lock videos to be played back on selected domains even if your embed code has been taken and embedded elsewhere through Settings -> Security Options -> Host Locking.

This feature is available only for Research and Survey customers.

Locking your video to play back only on selected domains

  1. After singing in, click the Edit button for the video you wish to secure.

  2. In the Settings submenu, select Security Options.

  3. In the field under Host locking, type the domain URL for the domain you wish to authorize for playback (meaning all others will not be able to play it back). 

  4. example: www.clipstream.com, clipstream.com, my.clipstream.com
  5. If you wish to authorize more than one domain, click the + add a domain link.

    An additional field will appear. Click +add a domain to reveal as many fields as you require.
  6. Click Save

Now when your video is embedded on non-authorized sites and are played, an error will appear telling them that the video has been restricted by the content owner.

NOTE: Please remember to clear your test browser cache and restart the browser to ensure any new behaviour is present.

To remove host locking

  • Block out and clear the domains you do not wish to authorize. Clear them all if you no longer want host locking at all for your video. 


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