Viewing Reporting (Analytics) for all videos

The current version of the Clipstream management website has the ability to show you Views, Minutes transferred and geographic origin of viewers that can be sorted by date or individual video. 

Viewing general analytics

  • After singing in, click Reporting in the main menu.

The Reporting page will appear showing you general statistics on your entire library. 

Views Graph

At the top of Reporting is a chart showing both Views / Minutes

Views - this means any plays (someone has pressed the play button)

Minutes - this means minutes of the videos that have been viewed. (this is rounded to the nearest minute in the charts. It does not reflect what is billed which is calculated to the second). 

Views by Geography

Below the Views chart is a map of the world showing the origin of viewership. If you hover over the individual countries it will break down the number of views and minutes in each. 

All Videos Summary

The final chart at the bottom of Reporting is a list of each Individual video and  breakdown of each video's Project, Views, Minutes viewed, whether it is Public or Private (Status), and when it was last updated. Updated means when the video's settings were last modified. 



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