How am I charged for hosting content on Clipstream?

With the Clipstream you can choose between several usage levels. Each plan has limits on data transmission and storage. 

Plan Fee

Every billing cycle (30 day period) you are charged a plan fee for hosting and sharing content and the features defined within each plan. 


In addition you may be charged overage fees if your content is used beyond the defined limits within the billing cycle's activity. 

There are two criteria limited by your plan:

  1. Minutes transferred - this means minutes your hosted videos have been viewed externally when you provide a link to others or embed the video in other sites that are subsequently watched. 

    NOTE: You are not charged for watching your video from within the Clipstream website the course of your previewing it while editing or changing settings. You are not charged for minutes transferred when uploading video to your account.

    NOTE 2: Since only Active videos that have been made public can be viewed externally, inactive videos do not incur any minutes transferred costs. 

  2. Storage minutes - this is how long in time your video is when stored on the Clipstream servers. Whether or not a video is active does not have any bearing on how you are charged.

Upgrading and downgrading

You can upgrade and downgrade your plan. With downgrading, your plan will take effect at the beginning of the next cycle.

With upgrading, your plan takes effect immediately.

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