Upgrading and Downgrading plans

Upgrading a plan

If you Upgrade a plan by choosing one that has higher plan limits than your current plan you will be charged the difference between the two plan prices immediately. However, by doing so your overage limits will be calculated according to the greater plan limits of the new plans. 

ex. Your current package is Medium. You see that you are going to exceed the plan limits defined for Medium. In the middle of the month you decide to upgrade to the Director package with higher package limits. If the Medium plan costs $49.99 and the Large plan costs $99.99 you will be charged immediately the $50 difference. However, because the new package limits of Large are higher than Medium and your monthly usage does not exceed Large, you will not be charged any overage (you would be charged an overage only if you exceed the limits of the Large plan).

Downgrading a plan

If you Downgrade a plan by choosing a package with lower limits than your current, the changes will not take effect until the beginning of the next months and you will be charged the new plan Fee at that time. Also, your new overage limits will not take effect until next month. 

ex. Your current package is Large. For whatever reason you choose to downgrade to the Medium plan, which has a lower plan fee of $49.99 but also has lower plan limits. You will continue with Large plan until the start of the following month. At the end of the current month your usage will be calculated according to the Large plan and at the start of the next month you will be charged the new Plan Fee for Medium of $49.99. From the start of month 2 you will be operating under the limits defined by the Medium plan. 



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