My video file fails to Encode

If your video file shows a FAILED error in the Videos page there may be a couple issues with it. 

  1. The original source file is corrupt.

    SOLUTION: Ask the provider to provide a new source file.

  2. The original file is not a recognized format.

    See Acceptable Files for Uploading


A work around is to transcode the video into a different format. In general, a raw video source that has no compression, just frames, can be uploaded. 

Need more help?

Submit a help request and we will try to troubleshoot the source file. Please provide a link to the source file itself. If you do not have web space to do so, sign up for a cloud storage account with Dropbox or Google Drive. To speed up our analysis, provide a trimmed copy of the source (ex. 1 minute) as a smaller file will be faster to upload, download and analyze. 

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