Sending links

If you have no need to embed your video in another website you can send out a hosted link containing your player for others to see for preview purposes. This page will just contain the video and nothing else. 


  • Active Clipstream account
  • video already uploaded to your Clipstream account

Sending links

  1. Once signed into your Clipstream account locate a video you wish to share.
  2. Click on the Settings button.

  3. In the Settings submenu, select Share

    The Share page will open.

Make it public

  • If the video is not already public, click the Make it public button.

    Two green share fields will now appear. 

Sharing a link

  1. Click the Select link button. 

    This will select all of the code in the static link field. 
  2. Press CTRL-C / or Command-C on Apple on your keyboard to copy the code. 
  3. Open up your email, instant messaging or browser to paste the copied code. 
  4. Press CTRL-V / / or Command-V on Apple to paste the link code.

    The page containing your video will now be available for anyone who has that link code. 
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