Embedding Clipstream video in websites


  • Clipstream Cloud account
  • a video already uploaded to your account

Embedding the player

  1. After signing into your Clipstream Cloud account locate a video you wish to embed in an external website. 
  2. Click the Settings button.

    This will open up the individual video's settings.
  3. Select Share from the Settings menu.

    The Share page will open. 

Make it public

  • If it is not yet public, click on the Make it public button.

    This will make two new fields for sharing links and embed code visible. 

Copy embed code

  1. Click the Select embed code button below the top green field. 

    This will select all of the code in the embed code field. 
  2. Now copy it by pressing CTRL+C on your keyboard.

    The embed code will now be in your copy buffer. 

Paste embed code into a web page, blog or CMS

  1. Open up your target web page, blog or CMS
  2. If this is a web page, open this up in a code viewer or text editor such as Notepad.

    If this is a blog or CMS, make sure you are in code view for adding Javascript or other code. 
  3. Find where in the <body> you wish the player to appear
  4. Press CTRL-V to paste the embed code.
  5. Save and publish your page. 
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