Deleting videos from your Cloud account

Deleting videos from your Cloud account will permanently remove them from your account. Deleting the video also will make inactive any instance of it that has been embedded in any external sites. Do this only if you truly have no more need for them.

If you wish to keep the video but not make it playable on external sites, then make the video Private.

Deleting an individual video

  1. After signing into your Clipstream Account locate the video you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Settings button for that video. 

  3. In the Settings submenu select Basic Information

    The Basic Information page will display. 
  4. Click the red Delete Video button. 

    You will be prompted to confirm that this is what you want to do. Click yes to confirm or cancel if you choose not to. 

WARNING: Deleting a video will permanently remove it from your account. 

Deleting many videos in an entire Project

To delete many videos, you can move the ones you wish to delete into a separate project and then delete the entire project

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