Hyperlinking your videos

You can add web links to your videos at any time using events or the hyperlinking function. 

Hyperlinking your videos

  1. Choose one of your videos from the main videos page and click the Settings button. 

  2. Go to Settings > Customization

  3. In the field beside Hyperlinking, enter in a switch for when you want the hyperlink to appear followed by the hyperlink itself using this syntax:



The switches you can use are:

"start" = hyperlink is active from the beginning of the video

"end" = hyperlink is active after the video has reached the end

Hyperlinking a different link at beginning and end

If you already have a hyperlink defined at the beginning but want to add a different link at the end, click + add a hyperlink and enter an "end" hyperlink. Your fields will look like this:


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