Player does not show up


Older browsers not supported

Clipstream conforms to the HTML5 standard. Older browsers such as IE8, IE10 and below do not support the HTML5 standard and require a fallback solution such as embedding a Flash player embed in a <noscript></noscript> tag. See Clipstream Player and Clipstream Host Basic Requirements

Popup blockers

Some popup blockers will block the execution of HTML5 or required Javascript functions. Disable popup blockers or Ghostery.

Https:// http:// mismatch

If your domain is https:// you must adjust the embed code so that the links also match https://. 

Network port blocked

The local network may be blocking one of four common ports that the player attempts to access. These are: 8080, 80, 1234 and 443 (for https:// links). Please contact your network administrator to get these unblocked. 

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