Removing buttons from the buttonset

If you are comfortable with editing the embed code you can remove certain buttons from the buttonset or even remove the entire buttonset by adding a parameter line. 

To remove buttons from the buttonset:

  1. Click on the Settings button for an individual video in your Videos catalog page

  2. Go to Settings -> Share

  3. Scroll down to find the Embed code
  4. In the field with the embed code, click on an empty space after the src="" code and type data-panellayout=""
  5. Add any buttons you wish to keep in the field. Leave out any you do not want to appear. See the key below:

    P = play/pause
    R = progress bar
    = audio mute button
    Z = zoom/full screen

  6. Then Copy the embed code and paste where you wish to share it.

To remove buttons entirely:

  • Use data-panellayout="" and add no letters for the buttons.


<script language="javascript" id="dsny_cscloud_tdol0mtq74rauvqtjk8se2sqejuzd4uxpb1d9t6kmir80big3jsaymuuju8cmmz6d" src="//" data-panellayout="" ></script>
<noscript><div><center><img style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; margin-top: auto; margin-bottom: auto; max-width: 90vw; max-height: 90vh;" src="//"></center></div></noscript>

Note: There is a combination that is currently disallowed until a future fix. No P or PZ (removing only the progress bar) as it will cause a crash. But PR, R or RZ is allowed.

Note2:  You can add the data-panellayout="" parameter to any existing embed code where you have the power to edit the source of a page.


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