Adjusting width and height dimensions in your video

There are two ways to adjust the dimensions of your video when embedded in a page. You can set an absolute width and height in pixels or you can have your video automatically scale to fit a parent css container. 

To make the video scale to fit the parent container

You can make the video will automatically scale to fit a parent container (div or iframe or window) that the embed code is pasted into by doing the following:

  1. Insert the parameter data-viewport="window" into the embed code
  2. Paste the embed code with the new parameter into the page code
  3. Ensure there is a parent container (div, iframe, window) that has width or height dimensions. 
  4. Save the page code. 

    The video should scale to fit the size of the parent.

To set an absolute width and height in pixels

To set the width and height for a particular video

  1. Click the Settings button for the video you wish to modify.

  2. Go to Settings -> Customization
  3. Scroll down and find the fields for Add Size to embed code or link

    Add size fields will only appear if the video is Public.
  4. Enter a width and height value in pixels

  5. Press Enter on your keyboard.

    You will now see a data-width and data-height parameter with your chosen values appear in the Embed code field (your preview link will also be saved with the new dimensions). 

  6. Copy and paste the new embed code into the page where you want the video.

Note: This does not permanently save the dimensions for this video. This just inserts the code in the embed code temporarily. However, if you paste the present embed code into the page you wish the video to appear on, the modified width and height will be present.

Also note that since it is just a part of the embed code you can edit it within the embed code on that page if you wish, remove it, or type it in later without using the Customization page. 


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