View Billing History

You can review any payment or charge to your account by viewing the Billing page. 

To view your Billing History:

  1. Go to your My Account menu in the top right-hand corner of the page
  2. Select Billing History.

The Billing History page provides you with a date-selectable summary of your charges, when they were charged and also when your 30-Day billing cycle begins. 

Billing break down

To see more detail on how the charges were totalled, click on any data highlighted in blue in the Date, Debit, Credit or Balance cells. 

The breakdown will show the Plan at the time of the charge, any Overage charges, tax and the total.

To learn how your charged and how overage is calculated, please read How am I charged for hosting content.

To select a time range

Click on the drop-down menu underneath Select time range and pick a range.

Questions on billing

If you have any specific questions on your account, please email

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