Editing the beginning and end images (poster images) of your video

By default the system picks a random image from your video to serve as the beginning title image (or poster) and end image (poster images) after your video as finished playing. You can upload and choose different images by going to Settings -> Title images

To upload or change the beginning and/or end images in your video:

  1. Click the Settings button for the video you wish to edit

  2. Choose Title images from the Settings submenu.

    The Title Images page will show the existing begin and end image as well as a selection of random images from the video under the Clip image gallery

To choose one of the existing random images as beginning or end images:

  1. Hover over an image in the Clip image gallery. 

    (Note: in mobile browsers clicking on the image once will reveal a separate menu with the same choices)

  2. Four new icons will appear. Click the one on the left to select it as the beginning title image

  3. Or pick the second icon to select it as the End image.

To upload new images to select:

  1. Click the blue box with the + symbol
  2. Your browser's file browser window will appear. Navigate to where you keep the images to be selected and choose them. 
  3. The image you selected will appear in the Clip image gallery and you will now be able to select it as either your begin or end images.

To share the images with other clips in your content collection:

  1. Hover over the image to be shared.
  2. When the selection menu appears, click the third icon. 

  3. The word "shared" will now appear over the thumbnail indicating it will now appear in the Clip image galleries under a section called Shared image gallery for other videos in your collection. 

To delete an image from the Clip image gallery or from the Shared image library:

  1. Hover over the image to be deleted.
  2. When the selection menu appears, click the red X button.

    Note: Deleting an image from the Shared image gallery does not remove it from the Clip image gallery of the original clip. Deleting a clip from the Clip image gallery does not remove it from the Shared image gallery
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