Embedding video in WiX

WiX is a site builder that enables non-technical users to create their own web pages. Clipstream can embed in a WiX built page using the following methods:


  1. A Clipstream account and embed code for a Public video
  2. A WiX account and page to edit

To embed Clipstream in a WiX page:

  1. After signing into your WiX site navigate to the page you wish to edit
  2. On the left side of the page click the Add icon

  3. In the Add submenu go down to the bottom and choose More

  4. In the More screen under HTML & Flash choose Embed a site

  5. A new dialog will open. Click Enter Website Address

  6. In this new dialog click in the field under "What's my website address?" and paste a preview link for Clipstream. To know how to get the preview link for your video read Sending links

  7. The Clipstream video will appear in a floating window. Now you can resize the window or move its location to suit your design. The Clipstream video will scale to fit the window. 

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