Embedding video in Squarespace

Squarespace is a popular sitebuilder that enables non-technical customers to build and edit their own web pages. You can embed Clipstream in a Squarespace page by following the steps in this article. 


  1. A Clipstream account and embed code for a Public video
  2. A Squarespace account and page to edit

To embed Clipstream in a Squarespace page:

  1. Sign into your Squarespace account and select a page to edit

  2.  Once you click on the icon for the page it will appear in the main window. Hover over the title until a menu appears with an Edit button. Click on it to edit the page. 

  3. Now hover your mouse over the area where you wish the video to appear and a tear drop icon should appear on the left side. Click on it. 

  4. A new dialog will appear prompting you to choose what kind of element you wish to insert into the block. Scroll down until you find Code. Click on it.

  5. A new dialog will appear with a space where you can enter in HTML, CSS or Javascript code. You can remove the sample code.

  6. In another browser window, select and copy the embed code for a Clipstream video you wish to embed in this page. Return to the Code window in Squarespace and paste it in the space provided. 

  7. Click Save. The window will close. 

  8. At the top of the Page window click Save to save the page with any other changes you made. 
  9. To test, open up another window and paste in the URL of the Squarespace page you just created. 

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