Embedding video in Weebly

Weebly is a sitebuilder that enables non-technical customers to quickly build and edit websites. You can quickly embed Clipstream in Weebly sites by following the steps in this article: 


  1. A Clipstream account and embed code for a Public video
  2. A Weebly account and page to edit

To embed Clipstream in a Weebly page:

  1. After signing into a Weebly account go to the left hand menu that contains all the site building controls. Choose Embed Code

  2. Click down with your mouse and drag from that icon into a space on the page you wish to add video to and drop it. 
  3. Click in the space where you dropped that code and a new dialog will appear. In that Embed Code dialog click Edit Custom HTML.

  4. In another browser window go to your Clipstream account and select a Public video and scroll down to select the embed code. Copy that (CTRL-C / Command-C on Mac).
  5. Return to the Weebly window and paste the embed code you just copied in the space provided. 

  6. You can change the dimensions of the video by adding CSS to a container <div> as in the example above or change the width and height in the Clipstream Settings -> Customization page prior to grabbing the embed code. 
  7. Click Publish

  8. The video will appear in the page. You are done. You can change the position of it in Weebly by dragging the element. 

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