Embedding video in GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the most popular webhosts and contains a Website Builder module that enables non-technical customers to create and edit their own websites. You can embed Clipstream video into a GoDaddy site by following the instructions on this page:


  1. A Clipstream account and embed code from a public video
  2. A GoDaddy account and website already created

Embedding video into GoDaddy Website Builder

  1. Sign into your GoDaddy account
  2. Go to Domains

  3. Select the website where you want the video to appear. Then click Manage Website.
  4. Click the Edit button to edit that website. The Website Builder module will appear.

  5. In the Website Builder module, navigate to the page where you want the video to appear. 
  6. On that page go to the toolbar on the left side. Click on HTML Code and drag that to the place where you want the video to appear.

  7. A new dialog will appear with a field where you can paste in code. In a new window, go to your Clipstream account and find the embed code for the public video you wish to place in your GoDaddy page. Copy that code and paste it into the HTML Code Settings field. 

  8. If you are satisfied by the code click the Save button.

    The code window will close. 
  9. In the Website Builder page you will now see the Clipstream video in the space that you selected. 

    You can resize the video by dragging on the edges or corners.

  10. To see the video playing, click the Publish button.

    Note: The video will not play in Preview mode so it is best to publish an unlinked page to test it first.

  11. Once published the site will appear in a new window. Navigate to the specific page you just edited to view the results. 


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