What is Clipstream?

Clipstream is a complete video hosting and player solution that enables you to upload videos and rehost them to be playable on all modern browsers. It has two main components:

Browser-based hosting system - with an account (you can evaluate this in a free trial) you can drag and drop or add videos from your computer or mobile device into your account.

The system automatically encodes your videos into the Clipstream format and makes it available for rehosting or sharing elsewhere. Once encoded you can adjust playback settings, add security options, make public or private and read playback analytics

Player - Once your videos are ready for sharing, copy and paste the provided embed code into a web page, CMS or simply pass on the share link to whomever you wish to see it.

The Clipstream player will work automatically on any modern desktop or mobile browser conforming to the HTML5 standard without any additional software required. Your videos can then be played worldwide on our Cloud network. 

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