Embedding using iframe

You can embed the hosted Clipstream share link by using an iframe. 


Embedding Clipstream share link using an iframe

  1. Open up a web hosted or CMS page in an editing program or in the CMS' edit mode
  2. Create an iframe in HTML using the following code:

    <iframe src="myURL" width="widthInpixels"></iframe>

  3. Within the src="" quotes, paste the URL of the Clipstream video share link you wish to embed. 


    <iframe src="https://player.clipstream.com/player/view/el030goqq4jni4qummcsou56e63nl444gr1qnt4k8t7p0iyf2mmy6gjlts9koygu1" width=""></iframe>

  4. Enter a value in pixels for the width or height as you desire. 


    <iframe src="https://player.clipstream.com/player/view/el030goqq4jni4qummcsou56e63nl444gr1qnt4k8t7p0iyf2mmy6gjlts9koygu1" width="600"></iframe>
  5. Save the web page. 

    The player should fill the dimensions specified in the iframe. 

    The example above should appear like so:

  6. To remove the borders use the iframe parameter frameBorder="0" so it will look like this:



  • With the player in the iframe the viewer cannot use the fullscreen button by default as it will only fill the iframe itself. To enable fullscreen, add the parameter: allowfullscreen="".

    Fullscreen from iframe even with this parameter does not work for iPhone or iPad but does work for Android devices.

    If you control the player, you may also choose to remove the fullscreen button from the buttonset

  • Use an iframe only when you also control the source page or video as you have no control over what can appear inside the iframe.


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