Moving content between projects

After creating a Project you can  move content from one project to another. 

Note: This feature is not available on mobile devices.

To move a video into a Project:

  1. Navigate to the Project you wish to move a video into.
  2. In the top menu bar for the Project, click the Move icon.

    A new page will appear that separates your current view into a left window pane and a right window pane. The right window pane shows you the contents of the Project you are presently working in. The left window shows you contents outside of your Project, including any other Projects that exist. 

  3. To move a video from a different Project into the current Project, click on a folder icon in the left pane to open it up to see its contents. 
  4. Then click and hold on the icon of the video you want and drag it into the right window pane.

To move a video out of your current Project

  • Click and drag a video icon from the right window pane into the left window pane.

Multiple select video files to move multiple files

  • Hold down the CTRL key or Command key (Mac) and click on more than one video file to select multiple videos
  • Drag them all into the desired location

To change the target outside folder

To change the folder on the left window pane so that you can move from or move to a different destination

  • Double-click on the folder icon of the Project you wish to move from or move to and it will open to reveal its contents
  • Use the pagination navigation at the bottom of the left window to reveal more folders or use the search function and sort feature tools at the top of the window.
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