Hiding buttons using onLoad and the Clipstream Player API

You can use the Clipstream API to hide buttons when the page loads for a cleaner default interface. 


  1. Add an onLoad function in your body tag
  2. Add Javascript functions to your page to hide the buttons that use the Clipstream API

Adding an onLoad event to your page body tag

This will launch a function when your page loads.

Add the following:

<body onload="playerReady();">

Adding Javascript functions to hide the buttons

These two functions will hide all buttons but the Play button (P) and the Progress Bar (R). Put these either above the body or close to the top of the page.

function playerReady(){
window.clipstream.onready = hidecenterbutton;

function hidecenterbutton(){


 For more options on showing or hiding buttons using the Clipstream Player API, read this article: How to Control Presentation using the Clipstream Player API


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