Uploading content to your Project

In the new Projects interface, all uploading of any content has to be into an existing Project.

To upload content to a Project

  1. Navigate to an existing Project
  2. Click the blue Upload icon
  3. The upload page will now appear and at the top of the screen will show the name of the project you will be uploading to. 

  4. Drag files onto the Upload area. They will be added to the upload queue. For longer videos you can view its progress. 

    Note: Dragging and dropping is not available for mobile devices. To upload using mobile devices, tap on the Upload Videos button and use the mobile device's file browser to select a video.

    Note: leaving the Upload page while other videos are uploading will interrupt the uploading process. If you wish to view completed videos while continuing to upload ones still in the queue, open up the Video page in a new tab or window.

  5. When the upload is completed, click on the blue Back to videos button or click the X beside the project name. 

  6. You will now see the video in your Project as it is being processed. 

Canceling an upload

To cancel an upload in progress

  • Click "cancel" beside the video you wish to stop Uploading


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