Applying batch settings to all videos in a Project

You can now apply the same settings to every video inside of a Project by using the batch settings tools inside Projects. 

Applying batch settings to content inside a Project

Note: applying settings will overwrite the individual settings of videos. If you do not wish to affect certain videos in a Project, you will have to move them out of the project first. There is no UNDO. You can still make individual settings changes after a batch change. 

  1. Navigate to the project 
  2. Click on the cog wheel icon at the top of the Project

  3. A new page will appear showing a variety of settings that can be applied to every video inside the Project. 

    Note: For information on any of the settings refer to the help articles in Modifying Playback or in Securing your media

  4. Use the form interface for each of the settings to make your desired changes. 

    Note: Blank settings are assumed to erase individual settings fields. ex. clicking the Apply button when the "New Password" is set will remove the requirement of a password for any videos in the project.

  5. To apply the changes, click the blue apply button. 

  6. To cancel without applying any changes, click the cancel link or click the X at the top of the screen.


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