Release notes

March 2017

  • PLAYER: 4.64 Frame glitch fix

February 2017

  • PLAYER: 4.61 Sharpening quality upgrade
  • PLAYER: 4.61 Better performance with Android (Samsung)
  • PLAYER: 4.61 Firefox stalling fix

January 2017

  • ENCODER - fix visible artifacts that sometimes appear in a certain resolution
  • LOADER - fix issue where content that has double quotes in filename does not play

December 2016

  • PLAYER: Safari mobile stalling fix
  • ENCODER: improve memory allocation in encoding long videos
  • ADMIN: deprecate Javascript callback UI in favour of API
  • ADMIN: reporting now shows projects
  • ADMIN: new feature: sort by number of views
  • ADMIN: new feature: show number of videos in each folder
  • ADMIN: number of videos contained within Project now displayed in folder icon

November 2016

  • PLAYER: fix multiple videos on same page play independently
  • PLAYER: fix single line artifact on certain encodes
  • PLAYER: fix mobiles going to sleep during playback
  • ENCODER: fix audio sync issues with low frame rate sources
  • ADMIN: fix search for assets 
  • ADMIN: minor changes to Project batch settings

October 2016

  • PLAYER: HEVC public release!
  • PLAYER: fix mute button missing in Win 10 / Chrome
  • PLAYER: fix context menu shows up in wrong player
  • PLAYER: fix sync issue in Win 10 / Edge
  • PLAYER: fix repeat stutter frame on Mac / Safari
  • PLAYER: optimize memory usage

September 2016

  • PLAYER: launch! of HEVC player beta
  • PLAYER: fix title image too dark
  • ADMIN: launch! Projects folder organization
  • ADMIN: launch! apply bulk settings to all content in Project
  • API: Fix title image issue

August 2016

  • ADMIN: fix password field issue
  • API: fix make public/private call
  • ADMIN: fix duplicate re-encode
  • PLAYER: fix lip sync issue for longer videos
  • PLAYER: fix long play memory management

July 2016

  • ADMIN: remove item count from video listing page
  • ADMIN: implement onboarding tour
  • ADMIN: fix date/alphabetical sort
  • API: fix no clips returned 
  • PLAYER: launch! HD Audio support in certain browsers

June 2016

  • PLAYER: fix looping in embed code
  • ADMIN: fix success encode email notifications
  • ADMIN: fix deleting videos
  • PLAYER: fix looping memory management

May 2016

  • ADMIN: fix long clip encode fail
  • ADMIN: general UI update
  • PLAYER: fix iPhone rotation

April 2016

  • API: enable fullscreen using API
  • API: fix loading issue
  • ADMIN: fix mobile encoding bug
  • PLAYER: fix iOS fullscreen embed and within iframes
  • API: fix iOS mute on autoplay


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